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    Internet security is really an important matter these days. It would seem that there are too many abnormalities happening all over the web like viruses, spam and malwares travelling in the speed of light from computer to computer, and hackers trying to get into computers almost every second of the day. Keeping yourself and your identity is of utmost important more especially today when accounts and personal information are exposed so easily on the web when you do transactions like banking and even purchasing online. In this sense, knowing your own IP address, which is technically your number when you log online will be one of the more important things you will need to understand and know the importance of.

    What exactly is the IP address?ip-address

    IP is sort for internet protocol, meaning that it is your computer’s name on the web. It is assigned to you by your internet provider when you log in and serves as your identifying mark to access millions of websites all over the net. Knowing that it is the number of your own computer, this is also the way people lock down on you
    as needed. This is the number that hackers target, and when able to bypass the ipaddress, then can easily gain control of the target computer easily. As you can see, that alone is enough to scare you and make you realize just how important it is to be protecting your IP or even hide my IP address from the unscrupulous people like
    these hackers.

    How do I hide my IP address?

    These days, with the current technology and software nerds doing a lot of thinking and developing, they have come up with good ways to hide your IP address. There are tools that you can use on your own computer, and there are also software that can download and activate on it to make things so much more easier. But currently, there are three best known ways to achieve this, and these are through VPN, Proxy servers, and IP hiding programs.
    ip hiding programsVPN, or virtual private networks, are setups wherein there is a dedicated connection between different locations of computers. This does not allow for any hackers to get into the network and steal any information, and it also includes security protocols in place like hiding ipaddresses and such while you are online.
    Proxy servers are also the same as the VPN, albeit, they are what exactly what the word means, which is proxy, meaning you use an alternate server to produce ip addresses that is not really your main ones.
    On the other hand, IP hiding software are also available these days which can help provide you the extra security needed to protect your ip address. Some of the software names you might hear are hotspotshield, or Easy-hide-IP, and some others. All these software as per my idea will allow you to create a way to hide your ip
    when you are online, and then it will make sure that there are no traces of it too so that hackers will really find you invisible.

    What are the benefits of hiding your IP address?

    Well, for one, the main reason you are hiding your IP is that you protect information. Credit card numbers, personal files, bank accounts, and even confidential files and folders that are stored in your computer hard drive are all vulnerable targets when you expose your IP online. For some, they really prefer to be invisible to
    lessen the risk, but if you are running a business, then all the more important it is to have these kind of setups to prevent damage to your database. Remember, the whole world is literally headed onto the virtual system eventually, and this is just one of the best things to invest on, which is security. If you are considering
    moving your business online too, then learning how to hide your ipaddress is also a worth it investment for you because it adds a double layer of protection that you can easily rely on.
    Learning how to hide my ip address is also possible to learn. There are lots of tutorials available online too on how you can protect yourself, and it seems that they are all legit. These things will not only teach you how to protect your ip address, but they will even make recommendations based on your needs whether it is for
    business or if it is for personal use or reasons. How to hide my ipaddress is now a good topic among both technical people and the non-technical ones, and you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble if you learn about it early. There are only advantages that you can find when you want to protect yourself using ip address hiding
    tools, and you should really take it into consideration each and every time you are online.

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    With the year going right on by and 2015 is already halfway, just what are we expecting in terms of the technology which could significantly affect our lifestyle? There have been lots of predictions going on, but based on upcoming announcements and research about the latest in upcoming technology, these are the things to look
    out for this 2015 that can significantly change the way that we live:
    1.Windows 10: You heard me right, Windows 10! We missed out on the number 9, as Microsoft did not seem to like the number. But what is the most significant thing about windows 10 is that it destroyed the mess that waswindows-10 windows 8.1! There were lots of complaints about 8.1 with regards to the user interface being so hard to get used to. And worst of all, there is no Start button! We welcome back the great start button in Windows 10 as it seems that Microsoft realized just how much people are attached to this small circle in the bottom left of the screen seen since Windows 95. Windows 10 also adds an interface that is compatible to androids and many other mobile devices, so it really does make things easy for users these days.
    2.The “Uber” personalized service: People app as we term it, has started to reach its peak this 2015. What started out as a simple car service now became a full pledged program and app that allows you to call up a taxi or a car service from just about anywhere even if it is up a small alleyway. They will be able to trace your
    location and they say it is even safer as getting regular taxi service and the cost is also minimal they say. It has now also started expanding to even more services like for groceries and such, and it is now easy to recognize the word “Uber” wherever you might be.
    3.Smartphones going cheaper, and better: What was once dominated by Apple and Samsung is now becoming just about for everybody. Cheaper brands that are made by other countries like for example Huawei, or Xiaomi have been making waves in the market. Even ASUS and other brands that have been buried by the two major companies are now making a comeback with its cheaper versions, but with specs just as good as their expensive counterparts. For less than half the price of a Samsung Galaxy 6, you can get brands from Huawei with even heavier specs for camera, speed, and size of the database.
    4.Online wallet: Apple announced that in Fall of 2015, they will be coming up with the Apple-pay, an online wallet that allows you to pay for purchases from store, eliminating the need for cards. All you need to bring Google-Wallet-Failed-but-Apple-Has-a-Real-Chance-with-Passbook-2when you go out will be your smartphone or ipad because it will contain everything from communication to now your virtual credit card. Safe and secure because it has its own personal passcode to access the program which cannot be hacked easily too even if your phone gets stolen.
    5. The apple for your wrists: Watches with built in sensors for almost anything, be it heart rate, temperature, and even the distance you have walked and the number of hours you are asleep. Apple have always come up with unique things, and state of the art designs. Though there are a number of similar wristwatches these days, you can never compare them when apple always comes out with its own. Now health and fitness will be first and foremost for everyone wearing these watches since it monitors technically everything about you and your activities everyday.
    6.Your Virtual assistant: Think secretaries are annoying? Then take note of the new virtual secretaries which will be with you 24/7! But the best thing about this virtual secretary is that it gives you suggestions that otherwise will either entertain you and make you laugh, or take things more seriously the next time. Like for
    example hearing comments like: your meeting is in an hour with your boss, and the last time, your heart rate was up 110. Better relax this time boss! The name Google Now or the Microsoft Curtana will truly make its presence felt over the next few months.

    7.4K TVs: Forget the LED TV, these new generation of TVs will be so much more clearer and better that you 4k TVcan even watch that bead of sweat forming the brows of your favorite actor while watching. It is ultra clear and ultra HD TV that will make viewing pleasure reach the maximum heights this time. There is a technology called
    quantum dot, which according to experts, will be the thing to look out for this coming fall when it finally arrives on the retail market.

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    If you are watching Transformers and Iron Man, then you would probably think that hey, this looks too good to be true, with robots being the foremost in doing things for mankind and helping them advance their levels into the technologically impossible things. Is it really possible that robot technology will reach such a level in the near future? Truth be told, we all tend to think that it is almost impossible, but fact is that out robot technology is bearing this level already. Well nearing is too vague of a terminology, so I guess we have to take a look at what are the current trends in robotics in order to understand just how near or how far we are from the technology we see on movies these days.

    Robots for medical use:

    Nanotechnology is now on its way to be being used in medical science. These mini robots are now going into the Robots for medical usebody, doing operations that are otherwise not possible to be done by regular hands. Going into the blood vessels and removing clots, removing tumors, and many other things, it is on the experimental stage right now where these robots are controlled to go into the body and when the problem is found, automatically destroys it or fixes it.
    Cybernetics is now also being developed wherein there are current technological releases like an electronic hand that can be now controlled by brain and muscle impulses. It is like the Terminator wherein you will now have robot hands in order to replace that limb that was lost. Maybe within the next few years, organ replacements and limb replacements will be so common that we are really becoming part cyborg part human already.

    Robots for construction and also security:

    With the danger posed by construction especially on high places or extremely dangerous places, it is now being developed robot technology that will replace humans especially on extreme environments. Deep sea drilling and Robots for construction and also securityeven high tower developments are now being done by drones or robots that are being controlled by humans. Accidents are less and the danger if something happens is less for human life now. You can always fix or replace robots, while human life is preserved. In the level of security, much like Robocop, which arrests criminals, we haven’t reached that level yet. But robot bomb dispersal personnel are now available, reducing the risk on human lives. Also scanning and checking for dangerous things are now being done by robots these days so we are looking at probably the next decade before we have robot police force too. It really sounds too good to be true. But the way things are developing now, it really is not too far that these things are possible .

    Artificial intelligence for communication networks and many more:

    This is the part that is a bit scary, because if you remember the story of SkyNet in terminator, or Eagle Eye wherein the AI took over the whole network system to control the world, well, it all started with a simple AI program. Well this is now in development and in fact, it is used in many things today like the management of stock trading systems, or even in trading itself wherein the auto systems do everything for you. Even in communication and travel where planes are put on auto pilot mode used artificial intelligence which changes the flight path and the altitude and directions based on the factors happening in-flight. Artificial intelligence can even be found in your smart phones like with Siri, who can answer questions for you as needed. As you can deduce from this matter, artificial intelligence is such an important part of things today, and in the future, we have to expect something close to Jarvis in Iron man who can think for himself, but within the rules of the laws set by Tony Stark.
    Currently in development these days are robots used for so many more functions like research and even as far roboticsas excavations and such. Warfare is also starting to use robot technology in order to start developing into the next level of warfare which puts humans into lesser use today. We never know how much we will be developing more into the next decade, but all we can say is that the movies we watch today is not anymore impossible and who knows, transforming cars may just be available by the next year or so. The important thing is that humans keep the level of humanity in their works, so that even if these robots are going to be the one to eventually do the work for us, we still ensure that this is a world belonging to us and ensure that these robots are merely helps or advancements, and not out to replace every job we have to do as humans.

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    One of the outstanding features that Kaspersky 2015 offers is anti-phishing. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has outshined several of its competitors because it offers best protection to your computer against viruses, kaspersky anti-phishingmalware, and many other online threats. It has great ability to search as well as destroy malware irrespective of whether that malware is freshly hatched or known previously. It will not slow down your system while performing its job and this is the quality that is appreciated by many users. Though it is just an entry-level security product, it offers more features when compared to other products available under this category. For instance there are hardly few products that offer features like automatic detection of all removal media as well as anti-phishing.

    Its performance feature includes three measurable attributes namely protection against infections, computer speed, and usability that will measure accuracy with which virus scanner will be labelling threat. Result of Kaspersky is excellent when we talk about usability, performance, and protection. When tests were conducted on this anti-virus software, it showed 98% detection. Another test was performed for checking usability of whether this software gave incorrect or false warnings regarding safe files or websites. One of the most appreciated feature of this software is its ability to not just detect but prevent as well as remove viruses as well. There isn’t any competing software that can offer better protection than this, as can be seen in the best internet security software review of 2015 from DestroyADWare. It offers protection from various malware like securityKaspersky detection rate exploits, screen lockers, rootkits, and spyware. Viruses basically are computer software that whenever invoked will copy themselves to data files or some other location and start modifying or cloning themselves. Spyware aren’t illegal but they are irritating as they keep collecting vital information about you as well as send that information to others without your knowledge and without your consent. On the other hand, Rootkit will deeply dig into OS areas that can be accessed only by administrator as well as make use of this privilege position for gaining full or partial control over your system. In such a situation, security exploits will be taking advantage of vulnerabilities that are there in your system’s data or software applications. Screen lockers will allow hackers to scam you using ransomware thereby locking your screen and generally accusing users of maintaining illegal pornography on their system. There are scams telling you where you should send money so as to have their screens unlocked so that one can continue accessing their files. The way in which Kaspersky works is by making backup copies of the files prior to malicious encryption meaning that even if your system is attacked by some ransomware, users can restore their files that are held hostage even without sending money to bag guys.

    This antivirus tool comes with virtual keyboard that will prevent keylogger that is yet another kind of malware. As keyloggers monitor keys that one presses physically on their keyboard, they can in turn interfere with kaspersky-anti-virus-2015-virtual-keyboarduserid and passwords as well as credit card numbers. With Kaspersky’s virtual keyboard you can enter information on the onscreen keyboard that will bypass physical keyboard hence prevent keylogging. This tool offers antiphishing feature as well which means warning users about safety of websites that usually show-up when one is doing online search. It would block all such sites from being accessed by you terming them as malicious.

    Users who are using licensed version of this tool will receive standard customer support that includes assisting with errors while installation, product functionality, and configuration. In case users need deeper assistance level, premium support will be made available though at some extra fee. Kaspersky will be assisting users with PC tuneup, spyware removal, virus removal, product installation, and networking. One can reach standard customer support via online chat, email, or even telephone call. In case users are not able to find answer to their question or query, they can search their answers in FAQ (frequently asked questions) section by making use of huge online knowledgebase as well as querying virtual agent. In case if the issue isn’t urgent, email or query can be sent to the support team for resolution. One is free to call technical support daily/weekly for any kind of help. There is an online support page as well that includes application configurations tips in addition to user forum for discussing issues and learning tips from much experienced users. Live chat option for technical support is available 12 hours daily only on weekdays. Level of support which Kaspersky offers to its customers is above industry standards. The only thing that is missing here is online chat support or telephonic support accessible 24×7.

    On the support page you will find tools that will help you prepare support technician for your case for assisting you better. If you prepare reports prior to setting the call or chat, support technician would be able to diagnose as well as fix the issue quickly thereby investing less time on online chat or phone. Another pretty commendable feature offered by this antivirus tool is that with single license one can protect 3 Windows systems for a year. This kind of protection includes real-time protection against virus, malware, phishing, safety from various identity thefts, as well as secure financial transactions online. This software will keep updating itself automatically whenever some new update is available. Here you will find quick scan feature that allows users to scan individual folders and files for potential threats.

    Another product from Kaspersky 2015 is Kaspersky Internet Security 2015. This software offers approximately 94% spyware and virus protection. It is extremely good when it comes to identifying, blocking, as well as removing viruses and various other threats. Its heuristic protection has the ability of identifying previously known viruses as well as false positive detection is just perfect. Things only become ugly when you perform full system scan during which this software utilises 550 MB of memory hence affecting speed as well as performance of other applications that are running during that time. Further, CPU usage climbs between 45 percent and 85 percent. All in all, this is one of the best internet security software available. Click here to see a full review of Kaspersky Internet security 2015.

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    The protection of data is a very important thing these days especially since this is very much the information age, and folderhidden is one of these softwares that will help ensure that all your personal and private files will be hidden safe, securely, and without any chance of being stolen even if your external drive or device is stolen folder hidden software kitfor that purpose.
    It is read commonly these days that companies and individuals are actually dealing with corporate espionage and many other things that will actually amaze you as how rampant it is; but fact is that it is really happening and there is not much you can do about it. But thanks to programs that secures information like what a firewall does for your computer, this Winmend Folder Hidden is something that will make sure no such thing as accidental or intentional stealing of data happens. How so? Let us take a look at what this program has to offer first:
    -The safety first feature: This is first and foremost what will ensure your data is private. It uses an encryption program what will easily hide your file in locations in your computer or even put it in “invisible” folders for easy recovery no matter if it is another computer, another platform, or anywhere you plan to open it up.
    -Compatibility: This program is easily compatible with windows devices, and even androids. No problems if you need to suddenly retain a hidden file wherever you are. Simply plug in your device, and open up the stored hidden information.
    -Easy To Use: Folder hidden is one of the few hiding software that you can easily rely on and understand since everything is explained, detailed and easy to use. Users give it a high rating when it comes to this feature since folder hidden is very user friendly in terms of its interface.folder hidden UI
    -High speed hiding and unhiding: A 20 GB file? No problem. This folder hidden program will allow you to actually hide programs at the same rate like when you are using a winzip to archive folders. Fast, efficient, and does not take a long time to do the hiding and unhiding. Just be sure to get your password ready at the soonest possible time too.
    -Removable drives are absolutely supported: Thumb drives, external Hard Disks, SD cards are all usable for this program. Hidden files in the devices will remain hidden in any other computers you open it up.
    Based on the above information, you can easily see how this program came to be rated as one of the top apps and software for hiding. Folder Hidden is really unique and can really do everything that is necessary to keep files hidden as long as you want it too.
    On a personal note, usage of this software will not be heavily promoted if I have not tried it myself. I went ahead and tried to hide some information on a USB drive I had and asked some of my expert friends in the IT world to take a look at it and see if they can actually find anything on the thumb drive I gave them. To my surprise, the best among them could only tell me that they think there is something hidden, and managed to find some hidden folders, but not able to access it. Imagine how surprised I was because some of these guys are even known to be good hackers if they need to, but this program was able to bypass their skills.
    If I am someone who works in a corporate level or in a work setting that requires heavy secrecy, then I definitely thinks this is a program worth taking into consideration. At such a very cheap price for the full version running at almost 20 dollars only, the level of protection it provides is definitely worth it. Instead of relying on good old I will not use it or I will hide in my bag principle, protecting your data with this software is more viable. Even if you lose your bag or it gets stolen, I would never have to worry as the data can never be recovered unless I provide the password to the people who stole it.
    There probably are other same level softwares similar to Folder hidden at this time, but so far, this is the one which I see with most potential in terms of providing security. In fact, if I am to rate it myself from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I would most probably give it a 8 to 9 out of 10 which is really pretty good considering that there are lots of security softwares in the market these days that I can use. Hidden Folder has met my expectations very well.

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    The internet truly is a very large and interesting place. There are some interesting websites that you may like but you don’t know about. It can be considered technically another world already since the webspace is virtually already a location where anyone can really do anything already. Communication, banking, and even games and entertainment are all available in here. Even if you happen to be a person who is not much into computers, the internet will still draw you because of the many things it can offer to you. So how about we look at some interesting websites that you can go into if you happen to be bored or if you are simply looking for a worthwhile page to visit and pass the time away:
    1. Dear photograph:  this is a site that collects interesting photos where people are holding up old photographs of the exact dear-photographsame spot or location from many years back. It brings back nostalgia to a lot of folks especially if you happen to be looking at a familiar place or landmark in that picture.
    2. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com: This site is also a compilation of extremely entertaining and funny family pictures. Either embarrassing or complex picture situations, there is a fair amount of fun going through these photos in this site. It has even spawned a coffee table book as well that has become a bit popular these days.
    3. Reasons my son is crying (reasonsmysoniscrying.com) : If you happen to be a parent, then this will definitely entertain you. This is a collection of documentations and submissions from parents all around the world which states the reasons why their children cries.
    4. Shut up and take my money: This is a website that deals with everyday things that you do not need, but you will definitely want! Ranging from simple things to crazy exotic things that have no real sense for practicality, but will certainly make you look cool in an odd freakish way if you happen to own them.Shut-Up-And-Take-My-Money
    5. Usefulscience.org: This is a compilation of one line summaries of research that are published in journals. Topics can range from medical to health, products and creativity. Quite a funny and interesting site if you happen to be on the intellectual side of things.
    6. Timelapse: Here in this interesting site, you can watch how a specific location changes over a specific period of time exactly decades or 30 years courtesy of satellite images from google maps. Quite a bit fun and also helps you realize some things in the process of how time can really affect some things.
    7. Lamebook.com: An interesting and funny website that compiles different things people post on facebook. Ranging from hilarious stuff to dumb and stupid remarks that will make you cry till you pee. Certainly an entertaining one, but names have been blurred to protect the identity of the users where they were taken from.
    8. Midomi.com: A site that lets you hum or sing a song that you cannot even remember the name of. This site will help you figure that song out and it seems that this is perfect for music buffs who just wants to pass the time away while remembering their music genre at the same time.
    9. Nebula: Here in this site, you can design your own stars, nebula, constellations, and anything space stuff related. The best thing about it all? You can use the designed products as a desktop theme, image, or even print it out to paste on your walls to help inspire you or make you look cool!
    10. The useless Web: Bored out of your senses? This website has a button on the middle that when you click it will take you uselesswebsiteto random useless websites. It is both for fun and for passing the time away if you have nothing to do. Heck, you might even end up in a site that will be uselessly useful for you in the long run (confusing right?)

    As you can see there are more than enough websites in the internet that will provide you with enough entertainment at anytime. But remember also, that aside from random different websites, you can always look for a specific topic you like and dwell over millions of possible articles and related website to it. Or if you want you can visit strange websites that will give you further knowledge into the unknown. You never know what site you will land to each time, but the important thing is have fun. The internet is boundless, and you should take advantage of that fact. If not, then I guarantee you that you will really have a boring life so better start using some of the above sites and who knows what you might discover in the future. You can even create your own website if you want to.

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    Each laptop and PC requires firewall, antispyware, and antivirus protection from day-do-day internet threats. Those who have computers especially the ones that are connected to internet, their biggest concern is finding security software that can protect their system from all kinds of internet threats mentioned above and more. Having no internet security software installed on system means encouraging cybercriminals to use your system for hacking vital information of yours. The internet security software available in market nowadays are the ones that offer traditional internet security features in addition to many other useful features like parental controls, anti-rootkit, anti-phishing, virtual keyboards various internet security softwareand web browsers, gaming modes, file and link scanners, online backup, and lots more. It isn’t a good idea to install multiple security software from varying vendors as there can be huge amount of conflict between them. As there is wide range of internet protection software available in market, it becomes tough to choose the best and most suitable for your system. There are several factors that should be kept in mind so as to ensure that you have installed perfect internet security software on your PC. Given below are ten useful tips that will assist you in selecting security software for protecting your system.

    1.Signature Detection Feature Should Be A Must – Some time back, signature detection was considered as complete security software but this isn’t the case now. Select the software that comes with signature detection feature as it will help in detecting malware.

    cloud-antivirus-protection-technology2.It is good to select software having cloud-based and behaviour based detection. Heuristic and behaviour detection will judge potential malware depending on what it can do to your system. There are legitimate tools that require access permission and these are quiet similar to malware. Look for security software that has behavioural detection feature so that it can present warning when it detects malware. Bitdefender is extradinary in heuristic and behaviour based detection, see this bitdefender review in reference.

    3.It is suggested to choose internet security software that offers two-way, robust firewall protection. Usually individuals go for free internet security software but these softwares don’t offer two-way firewall protection feature. This feature is extremely important for organizations that require protecting a large amount of crucial data. In addition to this, firewall protection will monitor internet connection of yours as well as keeps strangers away from accessing your Wi-Fi network. Go for softwares that have automatic firewall updating feature. This means at regular intervals, their firewall would get updated without users checking for updates and doing them manually.

    4.Select Software For Internet Security That Has Rescue Or Cleanup Mode Feature – It is extremely vital that you should select internet protection software good at finding and removing threats. The tools should perform cleanup as well as restore without causing any danger to data already present on your system.

    5.Look For Additional Features Like Privacy, Theft Prevention, And Data Protection – There is just one reason why all malware exist and that is for making money. Best way of doing this is stealing users’ data, spoofing their personal for making purchases, selling details to spammers, or just dipping into user’s bank accounts. These are issues faced by almost all internet users irrespective of whether they are using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers. In case your device is stolen, data can be recovered from it that in turn can lead to monetary thefts. This is the reason why one should go for internet security software that offers features like anti-phishing. This feature will clock sites supporting credit-card or scams phishing attempts. Data sent through file transfer, IM, and emails will be in encrypted form so as to enhance security.

    6.Ensure Your Software Supports Secure Backup – Taking backup is a hassle process. It isn’t a security feature strictly but is helpful when it comes to protecting critical files and data. Search for storage option where data is stored in encrypted form by making use of AES algorithms thereby ensuring that it is never accessible by malicious 3rd parties.

    7.Your Security Software Should Offer Email, Phishing, And Antispam Protection – Spam is annoying as well as potentially expensive. It can affect your system as well as affect inbox of almost all users. There are many forms of email spam right from dodgy services and pills to adverts to poisoned links and phishing expeditions. Ensure your software offers protection for these issues.

    8.Usage Rule And Parental Control – Search for security tools that offer functions like email protection and parental control. It is important to haveparental control good parental control so as to block inappropriate content as well as restrict internet access between specific hours. It should assist parents in remotely monitoring online activity of their kids. It should be simple to use and operate. It should comprise of usage rules that can be set on broader level and can be changed by administrator only.

    9.Your Software Should Offer Social Networking Protection – These days usage of social networking sites is growing exponentially. This is one of the primary reasons why internet users require internet security software for protecting their system. If the software you select supports social networking protection feature, it will help you be at the safer side. These softwares will work by filtering links one receives from Twitter and Facebook friends as well as monitors their privacy settings so as to make sure that one isn’t giving away much in rush to become social.

    10.Internet Security Software Should Offer Safe Surfing And Searching Environment Without Compromising On System Speed And Performance – Maximum users don’t use virtual browsers hence it is important for them to select security software that allows them to carryout risk free and secure browsing and searching on internet. This is in fact standard functionality that security tool should support. Moreover, your security software shouldn’t affect speed and performance of your system as well as of all other applications running on your system. It should run at background quietly as well as keep monitoring all internet activities of yours. It must warn you whenever it smells potential threat, danger, or risk.

    Watch This Video – 5 Tips On Choosing  Top Internet Security Software

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  • iphone-6-samsung-s5

    One can find several great smartphones in the market, today. But two of the brands, which are extremely popular nowadays, are iPhone 6 and Galaxy s5. IPhone 6 has arrived finally and Samsung is one of the best rivals of Apple in the Smartphone market.

    Both of them are equally terrific. They both are in the category of the best smart phones of the year 2014. People are happily using both of them. But again the question is which is better? Screen Size used to be an advantage for Galaxy S5, but the screen of Apple’s iPhone, is much bigger than its predecessors. In this article, a close comparison of both these phones would be done.

    Apple iPhone 6 is slimmer and is one of the largest phones till now. IPhone 6 has also upgraded the resolution of the screen and has given a complete new design to its previous version. It has retained finest and luxurious attractiveness. Therefore, this device is less delicate and one can’t afford to ruin it by wear and tear.

    The earlier smartsets of Samsung were criticized since a very long time and S5 is simply a plastic like other previous models. It is completely free from the dust and the waterproof, which is again a bonus for many users. IPhone 6 is very desirable and has good looks in terms of design. It is also very thin and light – 8.1mm and 145g. The screen of the Galaxy is large and has a bigger resolution too. Apple has an old sounding resolution of 750 *1334. Both of them have good angles of viewing, but the key difference lies in the popping colors on the GS5. Therefore iPhone looks a very natural effect.

    Samsung-3GB-RAMWith iPhone 6, Apple has launched its new A8 chip, which has 25 percent more power of CPU and 50 percent more efficiency than A7. It has M8 processor, which knows about the types of activities, can estimate the distance, and has barometer for recording the charges of elevation. It has 1 GB of RAM. But inside Galaxy S5, there resides Qualcomm snapdragon 801 processor, which has many high end Smartphones. It has 2 GB of RAM. This phone can track the steps, without any separate device, connected to the Bluetooth.

    All the differences related to both the phones are summarized in the form of a table, given below.

    Mode of Differences Apple iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S5
    Operating System IOS 8 Android 4.4 with Samsung user interface
    SD Card Slot No Yes
    Screen 4.7  Retina HD 5.1 inch Super AMOLED
    NFC Support Yes Yes
    Size 5.44*2.64*0.27 inches 5.6*2.84*0.32 inches
    Resolution 1334*750 Pixels 1920*1080 Pixels
    Weight 4.55Oz 5.11Oz
    Battery 14 hours of talk time 21 hours of talk time
    Market Place Apple App Store Google Play Store
    Resistant to water No Yes
    Charger Lightning Micro USB
    Bluetooth Yes, version 4.0 Yes, version 4.0
    Finger Print Sensor Yes Yes
    Average Price 650-200$ with 2 year contract 650-200$ with 2 year contract
    Available Color Silver, Gold and Space Gray Blue, black, white and gold


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  • wearable devices 2015We all agree completely with the fact that everyday one or the other new product is launched in the market and all of them are different, better, remarkable, impressive as compared to the previous one. Gadgets have become life’s important and inseparable part. Gadgets are of many class and fields but here we will focus on only wearable gadgets, which mean those gadgets which are worn by consumers and can help monitoring our body movements and fitness and keep a record of blood pressure, heart beat, etc. They are very smart and trendy to wear. From smart watches to shoes and rings, the wearable technology has lots in its store. Let’s explore the best wearable technology of 2015.

    With the end of 2014 most companies are busy analyzing best wearable technology of upcoming year which is ready to hit the market and will surely capture the attention of consumers on large scale. Wearable cameras, smart watches, running watches, smart glasses, health care devices and smart sport accessories are in great demand and more variations are assumed to hit the market both in terms of efficiency and cost. Few upcoming products are discussed here.

    vert-jump-trackerVERT is a fitness tracker which is best in class and use. It will help you in knowing how high you can jump and what is your scope in dunking. This is only needed to be clipped to the shirt and the remaining job is left on the device to accomplish. It keeps a record of all your movements, jumping, leaping and running speed. It helps in knowing how fast you ran in the said distance and also records how high you jumped and how well you can do. As per the price of one gadget, it can be regarded as little expensive as it costs $125 for one gadget which is not a small amount to be spent on one gadget.

    Next in the queue is also a fitness device which is particularly designed for boxers. It is a fitness trainer and boxing scene as well. Its sensors helps in analyzing the intensity of punches, force, number of punches in a minute and also tracks the speed which matters a lot in boxing. The display LG watch R VS Moto 360features punch recognition, calculation of punches, speed and counts all of them. The sensors are so strong that they help in determining the punches of weeks, days and it lets you know whether the punch was hard or fast. The data can be tracked live for further use and synced with cloud service.

    LG watch R and Moto 360 top the list of wearable smart watches which can be instantly bought and is also the best technology of 2014.  Apart from this many conference and award ceremonies are about to take place in the beginning of 2015. Many wearable gadgets will be revealed and awarded. K-dress, a silk chiffon dress infused with nearly thousands of LED is of main attraction and is a perfect gift for ‘her’.

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  • Internet 02.11.2014 1 Comment

    In simple words, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is a group of discrete networks or computers that are networked together over public network called internet. Businesses and organizations make use of VPNs for connecting remote datacentres. On the other hand, individuals use VPNs for getting access to different network resources when physically they aren’t on same LAN or as method to secure as well as encrypt communications while they are using some untrusted public network. On connecting to VPN, users generally launch VPN client on their system, login with their credentials, their system exchanges trusted keys, and users start working. Only after both systems are confirmed to be authentic, all internet communication between them will be encrypted as well as secured from online privacy threats. VPNs work by securing internet connection of your system hence guarantee that all data sent from source system as well as received by target system is secured and encrypted from prying eyes.

    There are various methods by which one can make good use of VPN to surf web securely but only when they are followed genuinely. VPN alone cannot bolster your access and security resources on network you aren’t connected to physically. In case of workers or students, they should make danger-free-wi-fiuse of VPN service offered by their company or school for accessing resources on different networks while they are travelling or at home. In maximum cases, individuals already have free VPN service with them. Suppose they are worried regarding security, they always can start their VPN especially in places like cafe Wi-Fi or airport Wi-Fi so as to make sure that no one is spying on their connections. When individuals are downloading something, they need to use VPN. Irrespective of whether one is downloading illegally or legally, they won’t like others spying on them as they are torrenting applications installed on their system. The safest way of doing this is through VPNs.

    Some features of VPN that help users in making good use of them is explained here. VPNs provide solid balancing of features, price, connectivity protocols, and server location. There are few that are best for occasional use whereas there are some that are restricted to organizations, companies, or institutions. While using VPN, you will come across terms such as TLS, SSL, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and many others. These days, SSL is more commonly used. All the above mentioned protocols offer secure connection. VPNs can be used for connecting securely to remote networks through internet. Maximum organizations maintain VPNs for their employees to access applications, printers, files, and many other resources on network without compromising on security. You can set-up VPN of your own for safely accessing secure home network of yours while you are travelling. Users can make use of VPN for connecting more than one network together in secure and safe manner. Because of this reason, maximum businesses though small or big rely on VPN connection for sharing servers as well as other networking resources among several stores or offices across the globe. In case you aren’t having chain of workplaces, you don’t require worrying. Such users can make use of similar trick for connecting home networks as well as other personal use networks. Those who are worried about online privacy can connect to encrypted VPNs especially when they are on untrusted or public networks like Wi-Fi hotspot in coffee shop or hotel as it is simple and smart security practice. As VPN will encrypt internet traffic of yours, it will assist in stymieing other individuals who are trying to spy your browsing activities through Wi-Fi in order to capture passwords of yours. You can also make use of VPN for circumventing regional restrictions that are also called geoblocking. Often political dissidents and Journalists use VPNs for getting around censorship that is state-sponsored all time.

    It is suggested to make use of trusted 3rd party software for creating VPN server. Those who require creating VPNHow TeamViewer free VPN Works between many systems for sharing network resources and files without configuring their router can go with 3rd party VPN tools. Some good ones include TeamViewer, Gbridge, and Comodo Unite as they are much reliable and available at reasonable cost. In case users want to test a particular tool from VPN service provider, they can first install its free or trial version that usually will be for 30 days and then purchase the paid version. Those who wish getting robust remote access for entire network or creating site-to-site type connections should try setting router on their network with VPN server as well as client. Some specially designed routers also called VPN routers are available in the market that come with in-built VPN server. These can also be used because they are pretty reliable and safe. While selecting 3rd party router firmware and VPN router, ensure they offer VPN networking protocol support that one needs for their devices. One must also confirm VPN router for verifying number of VPN users it supports simultaneously.

    In case you require VPN access for simply cloaking internet traffic of yours while you are making use of untrusted network or public Wi-Fi or accessing sites that are regionally restricted, simple solution is using hosted VPN provider. One of the best providers under this category include HideMyAss because it is offering paid as well as free VPN services for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Some other providers include WiTopia, StrongVPN, and HotSpotVPN. Those who are worried about keeping their browsing activities anonymous should try Onion Router that is servers’ network for anonymizing internet traffic free of cost. But the kind of safety and security that is provided by VPN is unmatched. Different VPNs support different protocols and operating systems. It is better to select those that offer support for Chromebooks, Android, iOS, Windows, webOs, and OS X. For making good use of VPN, it is suggested to select one that has high performance and reliability. Further it should have features to safeguard information from data thieves, unauthorized parties, and snoops. VPNs should be used by businesses for maintaining confidentiality of their activities.

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